Do I need An Architect

If you are planning to do any kind of work to a new or existing it is more than likely that you’ll need to consult an architect, as they have specialist knowledge in designing and planning the exterior and interior of any building along with an understanding of planning rules, building regulations, costs, and construction techniques.

So if you are considering a project in any of the following areas, you’ll probably need to use our listings section to find an architect in our area: building a new home/flats/offices, converting a barn into housing or offices, restoring an old building or one of architectural interest, upgrading a listed building or one in a conservation, changing the use of a building or site, or building an extension on to a home or workplace.

An architect will be able to listen to the listen ideas and requirements you have for your projects, as well as being able to suggest alternative options to meet your needs either more cheaply or to ensure you win planning permission and abide by building regulations.

You may also need to appoint an architect when you have site or building development proposals, or if you have been issued with planning or enforcement notice appeals, which are often handed out because an architect was not appointed in the first place